Raise hands if you've seen Webb around the island of Utila! Webb Munoz is a native islander, a funny figure that many people associate with the island's freedom.

Webb lives in a small house on Utila, for years he has lived with no electricity or water system. You might wonder, well how does he see at night? Well with the moonlight. And of course, you're probably wondering, how does Webb even bathe? Well if he lives on an island take a guess.

That's right, Webb bathes in the sea every single day. He then heads down to the town of Utila and walks about with pumice stones he finds at the beach and later sells to salon and shop owners, some come from outside the island to buy these from him. Webb also polishes and sells jade pieces which are very sought after, especially by foreign tourists. He makes his daily bread every single day.

Webb is known as an island legend, one who never wears a shirt. He goes in the bushes looking for fruits to eat and sell: mangoes, papayas, coconuts. He is also known for diving and his famous pepper sauce which is very good according to tourists and locals.

His humorous character wins him many friends. Some of the many funny sayings he is known for are: The more people I meet, the more I love my dog; and Welcome to hell motherf*cker. There is not one island person that doesn't know who Webb is.

Webb is so popular that there is not one day he will starve, he will always find friends down the road that will invite him to a plate, a snack, a beer, or even some cash. Webb is so popular like I said that a tourist friend of his even gifted him a scooter, which he tours around the island easily.

So if you find him, buy him something. He likes coca-colas and cash.