Do you like Mexican food? Well, guess what? There's a full Mexican everything restaurant in Comayagua now and it goes by the name of Viva La Frida.

Frida is Mexico's legendary artist Frida Kahlo who is known for her tragic life and marvelous paintings. She is also famous for her many quotes on love and life. This restaurant is an ode to her, by this restaurant's owners and all those who dine here.

This restaurant's menu is just as Mexican as Frida herself, you can find dishes like:

Aztec soup, guacamole, and Mexico's famous taco trays which prices go from L. 500 for four people to L. 700 for six people and include beans with chips, soft meat tacos, and sauces.

Not only can you come over for drinks and food, but it is also a very popular instagrammable post in the town of Comayagua due to its very colorful walls of Frida's most famous images, which people use as a background for selfies and group photos.

You can find a small souvenir station as well where you can buy Frida Kahlo shirts and coffee mugs to take back home with you. You can find ¡Viva La Frida! in Comayagua{s historic twon center, half a block northeast from the municipal building on 10th street.