Updated: Feb 17

Looking for a day to spend a lovely time and taste delicious desserts? This is definitely the place for it! This cafe serves local fruit drinks, homemade goodies, and ice cream made with milk from a local cow, Juanita. They also bottle their own Ginger Beer, Kiefer, and Kombucha.

This beautiful and unique spot in Utila has the best chocolate in the Bay Islands. The Utila Chocolate Company not only serves you chocolate and coffee in different varieties, but it also is the most complete chocolate business we have visited.

The owners explain: At Utila Chocolate Co. we strive to serve only the best products made fresh from raw, local ingredients. If it's not top shelf then we don't serve it. Period. We buy Honduran cocoa beans, peanuts, raw cane sugar, coffee beans, and hire only local residents.

The Utila Chocolate Co. is known for its delicious chocolate brownies, natural chocolate ice-cream, and its seasonal waffles which include mango waffles during mango season. A favorite dessert here is the Brownie Bowl with Chocolate Creamed Honey and Ice Cream and they are happy to share their brownie recipe.

We tried their delicious vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate brownie, and cold coffee which tasted way above expectations. Honduras truly does have the most delicious chocolate and perfectly brewed coffee, and the Utila Chocolate Company is the ideal place in the Bay Islands to try them out.

You can also take the tour to get to know how the products here are prepared. You can also find other products available such as peanuts and Honduran hats, coffee, and more.

We source all of our raw ingredients from small family farms that are so remote that our cacao beans and raw cane sugar come down from the mountain by horseback. Our coffee is from an organic small farmer and roasted to our specification for our own exclusive label. We chose to resource these outlets to maintain the highest quality of unprocessed materials.

This place is most definitely A TOTAL MUST when visiting the island of Utila.

We have had fun creating our flavors and labels. Currently we offer 17 flavors all with island themed names. Each one has its own story. The Lemongrass Chiffon Cake I believe is a one of a kind. We grow our own Lemongrass in the yard and steam distill it. It looks like a science lab in our kitchen during this process. We add the oil to our white chocolate and it is divine and good for you as well. We make our own cacao butter to ensure quality and it comes through in the taste of all of our bars.

Their best seller is Old Tom 60% Dark Chocolate Bar with Utila Sea Salt. The place is just as cozy and beautiful as anything you try here. Find it on the Jericho road in Utila, Bay Islands.