Seagrapes are an island delicacy, used to make many things from drinks, wines, and jams. Have you ever seen these beauties on the beach?

These grapes are grown on trees along the beach that can grow up to twenty-five to thirty feet tall, they are native to the Caribbean basin. When they are green they still have some time left before you can try them, when they are finally purple then they are ready to be consumed.

The locals use them to make the very popular sea grape wine which is very popular in Caribbean countries. This wine is made by boiling ripe grapes, then extracting the juice and adding sugar as desired, then you transfer to a wine bottle and let it sit out for two whole months so it ferments well. Natives also make jams and jellies from it, instead of letting it ferment.

But you don't have to cook these in order to taste them, just simply enjoy them when they're finally purple and ripe, some are very sweet while others have a hint of acidic if they are not yet fully ripe. Seagrapes are known to be a good source of vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and zinc.