Roatan's newest beach destination is set to open October 9th 2017. Sol Y Mar has been kept a secret up until these past couple of days, but the secret is now out and everyone is excited to find out what this new beach resort has to offer. 

Sol y Mar is so far the most CREATIVE resort in the country, not only does it already have a Deli, Restaurant, two Bars, a Gelateria and a Water Activity Center that offers the experience to the Incredible Roatan Underwater Museum. But let's get to know the resort into much better detail.

Serves you the best sandwiches composed by the best chef, YOU.  Choose from a variety of cheeses, meats, dressings and veggies to make your perfect sandwich. Sharky's Deli also serves you the most exquisite coffee made by its professional barista. 

Try from the best fast food to the most delicious island plates at the Coco Plum Restaurant. From the traditional whole fried fried and ceviche, to hamburgers and nachos; this restaurant prepares the food right in front of your eyes by one of the most experienced Chefs on the island of Roatan. 

Order your favorite drinks at the Salty Mermaid Bar and while at it why not order some snacks prepared right at the bar itself? Each bar has two giant plasma TVs to watch the games. You can eat, drink and watch television all next to the beach in the bar of your preference. 

Chaca's Bar is Sol y Mar's next bar which offers the same as the Salty Mermaid Bar does. Why have one bar when you can have two, right? Both bars have the best bartenders trained by the task force staff of one of the Top 2 hotels in the Bay Islands. 

Find amazing handcrafted gelato, authentically Italian and in a variety of different flavors. Choosing has never been so hard for anyone. The Gelateria is also one of the spots in Sol y Mar where you can gladly sit in air conditioning or chose to sit outside with a view of the resort. 

The Activity Center has one of the best attractions the island has to offer and one of the most popular, the Roatan Underwater Museum; where you can explore the mayan ruins and shipwrecks on the underwater world. You can now do everything in the same place. The activity center also allows you to rent paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling gear and try the mangrove tour. Sol y Mar offers its Coco Loco stand where you can buy fresh coconuts and get your coconuts cut to drink coconut water and eat its meat. The resort also has massage stands where you can enjoy a massage next to the beach in your own little private stand. The creative as said before, in the creative process of this resort and put into every detail of it is truly incredible. But what is so much more incredible are the newest attractions that will be added to Sol y Mar within the next couple of months; some of which include a Spa and a Canopy. The rest which are not mentioned before, will be shared with us later on.  This resort is located on Sandy Bay's most beautiful private beach and even though it is opening soon, it is already a hit for the reasons listed below:

  • The beach is not as far away as West Bay beach. 

  • The beach is always clean and the water is as crystal clear. 

  • Its private beach makes beautiful pictures for special events, no unwanted people in the background of your pictures.

  • It's like a mini playground with many food and beverage options. 

  • The parking lot has enough space to hold over 50 cars. 

  • Its 10 acres make the resort perfect for events for over 300 people. 

  • The prices for the restaurant, deli, bars and gelateria are the same as any other resort on the island and up to even more affordable. 

  • Everyone is bilingual and excited to help you.

  • No independent sellers on the beach trying to convince you to buy a product you might not want. 

  • The resort has made sure everyone is prepared to give the best quality service possible. 

Sol y Mar is already open for events and hoping you chose the resort to celebrate your special occasion.