Updated: Mar 17

RJ's is a very popular restaurant in Utila known for serving the most delicious island dishes.

One of the reasons why RJ's is so popular is because their prices are very good and their servings are quite large; more bang for your buck. It is a dinner only restaurant that opens in the evening and closes late night, you can either dine-in or take-out your food.

RJ's is known for its incredible BBQ however, some other delicious dishes they offer include: King fish, tuna, and steak. Each one of these dishes comes with a full plate of sides such as french fries, salad with dressing, rice with vegetables, garlic buttered bread and ketchup.

Robbie Whitefield, one of the owners who is one half of RJ's cooks the meats outside on his grill while his wife, Julie Whitefield who is the other half of RJ's cooks the sides inside the restaurant kitchen. The outside area also has a seating area where you can dine while you also watch him cook.

Something else you can find here outback is the famous "Oval Office" which well, you can just imagine what it really is. It's a laugh for everyone who needs to use it.

Another thing you can expect to find here are mesmerizing paintings by RJ's daughter Lily, who adorns the restaurant with some of her most beautiful pieces which are often bought by customers and visitors. You can find her paintings as well on Instagram under Lily's Art where you can see and acquire even more stunning pieces.

RJ's is a very unique and delicious restaurant found on the left road to Bando Beach, opening only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays starting from 5:30 pm.