There are a few things you cannot leave to your Caribbean Destination without.  1. Bug Repellent  If there is one thing that annoys all of us is bug bites, specially those by sand flies; although small they tend to sting. Our favorite repellent is OFF! and by far the most effective one tried. 

2. A Backpack It is always good to carry a backpack, specially one that will avoid getting your things wet. When going on an excursion or simply going down to the beach it is so much easier to carry a backpack other than a bag that will weigh your arm down. Our personal favorite is a Michael Kors leather backpack. 

3. Multiple Swimsuits  We all know that drying swimsuits takes time. To avoid wearing a wet one or not having yours at all, make sure to take between 2-3 just to be ready.

4. Waterproof Sunblock  Waterproof sunblock is a must, but regular sunblock will do too. Always pack more than you believe you will be using as well. Never forget to check the SPF, the higher the better. Our favorite is Banana Boat Sensitive with SPF +50, it lasts four hours in water. 

5. Water Proof Case & An External Battery Charger It is not uncommon to ruin a phone while on vacation. Mainly because you either dropped it in the sea or somebody else did that for you.. Oops! A waterproof case is always a good investment, and so is a an external battery charger. If you're a workaholic, running out of battery is a nightmare, always carry your spare. 

6. Plastic Bags If you're planning on taking advantage of your last day to take a swim as well, it is useful to take plastic bags. You can use these for wet swimsuits, dirty shoes and even wrapping any liquids and delicate souvenirs you may have bought during your trip.

7. Toiletries Almost all hotels offer toiletries however, depending on where you have chosen to stay the toiletries offer may not be the best. Some hotels don't offer these and in cases such as the Holiday Inn Express you have to personally ask for them to be delivered to your room. 

8. Snack Bars If you're looking to travel cheap and/or backpacking, it is best to always take a few snack bars as food in touristic areas up to 3 times more expensive than your average supermarket. 

Packing Tips:

  • Rolling your clothes not only saves you space, it also prevents them from wrinkling which will save you some time if you're in a hurry. 

  • Use your beach bag as your carry on to avoid taking too much.