Updated: Mar 17

It's certain types of food you'd least expect to find on an island, but Utila truly has enough restaurant varieties to keep us all satisfied. If you're a Japanese food lover, then Mr. Buddha is definitely the place to dine on the island.

We originally visited this place as word on the island is this place had great sushi and guess what? They were right! Mr. Buddha has some of the most delicious sushi rolls we've ever tried. Each dish here is a fusion between Asian and Caribbean cuisine. A few sushi rolls this place boasts are the Chipotle Lobster Roll, Veggie Roll, Bananero Roll, and our personal favorite is the Utila Roll.

Other ones we tried and were just as delicious were the Shrimpy Skimpy, the Lady in Red, and the Pio Pio rolls. However, you cannot leave without trying one of their incredibly tasty appetizers which was one we just can't get enough of: the Crab Ragoons! Wow, just... wow! And Mr. Buddhs also offers Shrimp Ragoons for every palette.

You can also find other dishes here such as Shrimp Bowls, Rose Dumplings, Chicken Yakimeshi, Jalapeno Popper Rolls, and Pork Gyozas. Mr. Buddha has a great ambiance as well, you can even swim in the crystal clear waters upfront and enjoy the water swings. Many of those who come here to eat, you can tell have had a very good time.

Next time you visit the island and you're up for some Japanese food, you can look for Mr. Buddha in the Sandy Bay area of Utila.