Honduras is all so rich in chocolate, brands for this delicacy are just abundant. This chocolate company produces one of Honduras’ highest quality chocolate which is today very well-known by many nationwide.

Founded in 2013, the Honduras Chocolate Company has been selling artisan handcrafted chocolate for over seven years in the market today in chocolate bars of 45%, 65%, 70%, 75% and 80% cacao. They offer six different chocolate varieties, cacao powder, and two types of cookies: chocolate-filled cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

This company buys its cacao from small farmers in the Honduran departments of Atlantida and Yoro, in an effort to help the local hard-working communities. Its newest addition to their delicious range of chocolates is the most sought-after by all; white chocolate which will soon be available on all sales points.

The Honduras Chocolate Company company has its chocolate in have over three hundred sale points all across the different departments of Honduras, in places like coffee shops, stores, malls, and even supermarkets. Their chocolate bar wrappers feature beautiful landscape photographs of some of Honduras' most beautiful and iconic attractions. This chocolate is now very trendy.