Honduran candy is such a grand market and one that has a great variety. Candy in Honduras is found in almost every store you will come across as it is widely sold.

The above candy in trays is called Espumillas, known in English as foam candy. They are baked in different colors to look more attractive to you. Below you can see the same ones in bags in different pink and white color shades as well. Cajetas de Leche is a slow-cooked mixture of milk and sugar that is later made into a thick paste that later dries and makes these small little round pieces that visitors love to buy.

Other small candy pieces that are also popular include plantain candy bars, peanut candy squares, coconut candy squares, and papaya candy bars. They all taste just as if you're trying the fruit and nuts used in them.


These are a favorite type of Honduran sweet, favorited by many and even attempted at home by others, see them below. These are popcorn balls crunched together and stuck with caramel, which is also drizzled with more caramel on top. They are very cheap and usually go for only L.18 the package of 6 popcorn caramel balls which is just less than $1 the tray.


This type of candy is also round-shaped crunchy donuts made out of corn. They are very popular in Honduras as they are another cheap candy that is just a delight to those who try it.