Jim Dobson, a reporter for Forbes as recently as the 28th of June wrote a report on the Top Caribbean Beaches for the year 2020 and among them is West Bay Beach, located is the paradisiac island of Roatan, the biggest of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Not only was it chosen as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean but the islands of Utila and Guanaja were acknowledged for their beauty and also named runner ups.

"West Bay is located on the Western tip of Roatan and is positioned a few feet from the coral reef. West Bay is home to top resorts and restaurants and features some of the best diving and swimming areas in Honduras. Runners up, Utila and Guanaja Islands" - says Dobson.

Dobson also explains that with the current ban on European travel for US travelers, the Caribbean will see a surge in tourism throughout the Summer and festive season and advices that we wear a mask when in public, as well as social distance from other beachgoers.

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