CAYMAN AIRWAYS is the new airline in Honduras that is battling the prices of American, Delta and United Airlines to the most in demand city by hondurans, Miami; with flights leaving from Roatan and La Ceiba twice a week. This new airline in Honduras is offering the following. Flights from Roatan and La Ceiba to:

  1. Kingston, Jamaica

  2. Miami, United States

  3. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 

  4. Tampa, United States

  5. New York, United States

Cayman Airways is the new favorite airline by the mainlanders and islanders due to it allowing you to take TWO 55 lbs or under, suitcases  TOTALLY FREE. On board your flight they serve the famous Grand Cayman "Rum Punch", which they say is known much for being exquisite. The stop at the airport of Grand Cayman before arriving at your final destination is of 2hrs or less; and even though you stop at this city there is a variety of small restaurants inside the airport from which you can chose to eat, either fast food or something different.  Caribbean Honduras has decided to put Cayman Airways to the test by doing our first trip with the airline from Roatan to the city of Miami, Florida.  Our trip took place on Sunday 9th of July, 2017. 

The type of plane they promote is the same one you board, a BOEING 737 Jet in excellent conditions and much space just as the other airlines. Aside from the two free suitcases you can also take a 'carry-on'. The flight left at 8:00 am, as to expect we left Roatan at that same time. During the flight they also give you Rum Punch, a drink made of a blend of tropical fruits that is not only popular in the Cayman Islands but also in the entire caribbean. The flight arrived in time to Grand Cayman and there it was supposed to be three hours of waiting in the airport meanwhile you boarded the next plane according to what the ticket read, however it is a lot less because the time difference is not taken in count when reading it, after passing migration it is around an hour to an hour and a half  until you board the next flight to your final destination.

We had heard much about "Caymankind" which means just what you understand from the phrase, the kindness and warm welcome of Caymanians. Caymankind is one of the most important things this airline offers, its kindness in service, which we can assure is excellent during the flight. We arrived at the Miami International Airport right 4:10 pm, Miami time.  Cayman Airways also has other time flight options, not just the one Caribbean Honduras picked and the prices accommodate to your budget depending on which part of the plane your seat is located in. The airline was a perfect option for our trip, in the sense of getting to where we needed without needing to wait much at our stop, we were able to take two suitcases and a carry-on, the service is excellent and of course the prices are the best.

Our round-trip flight with Cayman Airways was a total of $638.78 per person with all the tax expenses included.  Hope this helps you decide on whether to plan your next vacation with Cayman Airways as we fully recommend it! 


Bay Islands of Honduras.



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