This stop in Comayagua is very popular as it sells the best pork rinds in town and some may even go as far as to say the best in Honduras.

This place is a small mart where you can shop for personal care items as well as food and beverage options. It is also popular as you can find all things when it comes to traditional Honduran food and candies. You can find almost anything here for a very good price.

Whenever you stop here you HAVE to try the pork rinds, the red onion sauce, tamales (there's the normal bag ones and the boxed ones which taste just as good but a little less fresh) and the corn tortillas which are thin and delicious.

Candy here is very well sold as there as dozens of different types of Honduran candy. They also serve breakfast lunch and dinner options on a buffet next door to the small mart.

Another cozy spot you can find in this stop is a small little cafe that goes by the name Cafe Tio Juan, which is a very well-known cafe in the colonial Comayagua town, many fancy their desserts, and coffee options.

You can find Delicias del Carmen 10 min away from Comayagua if you're coming from Tegucigalpa, exactly in Los Mangos, Villa de San Antonio, Comayagua.