The pandemic that we are going through now has come to change the behavior of tourists, as well as the way in which all destinations operate within and outside the tourism sector. We all must now adapt to a new reality and therefore we must be attentive to the measures to follow to protect ourselves during the holidays.

  • Travel Within your Own Country

When you travel within your own country, you help to raise its economy, which has been in crisis due to the health situation that has affected income so much for many businesses. At the same time, you reduce the risk of catching the virus by avoiding conglomerates of international people in places such as airports and large hotels in foreign cities.

  • Ask about the Biosafety Protocols in the Transportation Company that you will use

Not all tourism companies are correctly practicing the biosecurity protocols established by their government entities and larger companies that govern how companies that receive clients in this area should operate, such as Civil Aeronautics, the Central Government, among others. For this reason, you must first make sure that the transport company you have chosen, be it an airport, ferry, bus or car rental is practicing measures such as: 1. Social Distancing (6 feet is usual). 2. Disinfection of Public Areas. 3. Use of KN-95 or Surgical Masks. 4. Use of Gloves. 5. Temperature Taking.

  • Ask about the Biosecurity Protocols in the Hotel you have Chosen

You must be communicated about the measures that the hosting company has implemented, either at their initiative or if you ask. A destination that communicates its measurements to you in advance increases the confidence in you to travel and stay with them. For a business, its customer must always be the most important thing and in this situation it is imperative that a business takes the necessary care to keep you healthy while providing you with an unmatched experience in the destination of your choice.

  • Travel with Enough Protection

Remember that when you travel, not everyone else will be as aware as you. Bring your own sanitizer gel, gloves, and masks. It is a good idea to bring extra light clothes to change clothes as soon as you return to your room, after your departure. If you can carry extra of these things it will be very useful because these objects are being overvalued in exorbitant ways and you will save a lot by buying them yourself before.

  • Leave your Shoes at the Door

The shoes you wear are carriers of many bacteria since you are outside with them. Try to leave your shoes, tennis or sandals at the entrance of your room and wipe them lightly to pack them again. If you can carry plastic bags to pack your clothes and shoes used during the trip so that they do not mix with the rest of your clean clothes, it will help you a lot to maintain an order and sanitary control of your things.

  • Make Sure you are Healthy

When you travel, you not only put your life at risk, but that of others as well. Take the time to make sure you are healthy. If you feel extreme tiredness, fever or fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, please seek immediate medical assistance and postpone your trip for another time.

Before all, it is incredibly important that you, as a tourist, are aware of the measures that have been implemented for your own safety and that of the employees of each company, so that you support their application and monitoring.