This is one of Honduras' most important towns especially to those interested in history and culture. This old colonial city held many important events and harbors the oldest clock in the Americas.

Comayagua was once the capital of the country before that was later moved on to Tegucigalpa. In the Pre-Columbian era, the valley where the city is now located was populated by the Lenca ethnic group, they are a Mesoamerican native culture. As you walk the streets here, you can still see Lenca people, they are usually very short in height but very kind, they dress in colorful rags and survive by selling handcrafted souvenirs such as jewelry and clothing items. It has been proven that the Lenca people populated the valley since approximately 1,000 B.C.

Its biggest attraction is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral which boasts the oldest clock found in the American continent. This clock was built by the Arab people at the time of their occupation in Spain, this was around the year 1100, it was later on brought to the Americas. The cathedral itself is one of the oldest in Central America.

The colonial town center of Comayagua is really a beautiful sight to see for visitors as there are roads where all you can see on each side are colorful restaurants, small hotels, and colonial-era spaces and homes.

An important part of this town in Comayagua is the house in which General Santos Guardiola was murdered. Jose Santos Guardiola was a two-term president in Honduras, he is known to have been murdered by one of his former bodyguards.

This colonial town is very small and very large at the same time, you can get anywhere by just walking around. There is something important to see at just almost every corner here; from artisans' work, you can take home as souvenirs, to restaurants, antique buildings, and important roads through which the Spanish once walked when colonizing the country.

A few restaurants you can expect to find at a walking range from the cathedral include La Vecindad, a restaurant themed in the Mexican "Chavo del Ocho" show, Hotel Caxa Real which is one of the oldest buildings which is a hotel and restaurant, and ¡Viva La Frida!, another Mexican themed restaurant which focuses on Frida Kahlo's life and artistry.

Walking through the town you can find other spaces where you can also take good pictures, nobody comes all the way to Comayagua and doesn't go home with a few nice pictures to post, either of you or the incredible antique places you will find here.