We found a mermaid on the island of Roatan and her name is Sam Melville. Like many tourists, Sam happened to come to the island looking to dive, an activity that is very popular on the island and for which the it became a tourist destination in the first place.

My name is Sam Melville. I am originally from San Diego, California. I heard about Roatan through some dive travel articles. I came for the scuba diving initially but I had so much fun free diving that I ended up hardly scuba diving at all! 

We see you free-dive, where did you try this on the island?

I spent a lot of time exploring West Bay and Mandy's Eel Garden, and around West End. Lots of dive companies were nice enough to let me come out and freedive on their scuba trips for almost no cost, but I loved the protected reefs closer to shore. 

Where did you like doing this the most?

I love the area in West Bay right around the rocky point! It's one of my top spots of all time! Even though the area is touristy, the coral is amazing and so vibrant and the formations it creates are so much fun to play around with. The visibility is excellent, it's easily accessible, and deep enough to get a few PR's in off the back wall :) How is Honduras different than the rest of the places you've dived before?

I had never travelled somewhere where diving was so popular! It felt like everyone in town was here to dive, which is so cool and unique to experience that sense of camaraderie.

I have no doubt that I'll be back! As soon as possible. I'm looking forward to another visit to roatan and hoping to get out to the Dominican Republic soon.