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Magazine: Santos Guardiola

The Hidden Jewel of the Caribbean, that is how most know Santos Guardiola. As the second municipality of the very popular island of Roatan, Santos Guardiola boasts beautiful pristine beaches as well as the west side of the island, majestic coral reef and ocean life and a much more calm ambient put a few hours away from the very busy towns. 

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Magazine: Guanaja

The Venice of the Caribbean, known as well as the Green Island of Central America; Guanaja is a beauty yet to be fully discovered. Have you heard of it yet? Read about its incredibly fun tourism offer. 


The Bay Islands' Cookbook

One of the most sought after things tourists search while visiting the islands is their Caribbean recipes. The Bay Islands' native cuisine is one of the most delicious in the Caribbean and a total delight for those who have had the chance to try their delicacies.


The Digital Tourism-Exposé

The Digital Tourism-Exposé is a non-profit project by Caribbean Honduras to allow tourism-based businesses a space in weekend online expositions to showcase their tourism offer in a bid to tackle the economic crisis which COVID-19 has created. Sponsors include: The Honduran Institute of Tourism, The National Chamber of Tourism, Marca Pais and USAID Project: Transforming Market Systems.

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Historia, Cultura & Cocina de
​Islas de la 

Una guía del pasado, presente y futuro de las islas más famosas e icónicas del Caribe. Conocidas por sus aguas cristalinas y sus playas de arena-fina blanca, estos pequeños pedazos de paraíso de color turquesa fueron una vez un refugio de piratas y una colonia británica que Su Alteza Real la Reina Victoria gobernó hace siglos.

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History, Culture & Cuisine of the
Bay Islands

A guide to the Caribbean’s most famed and iconic set of islands’ past, present, and future. Known for their pristine crystal-clear waters and fine white-sand beaches, these small turquoise pieces of paradise on earth were once a pirate haven and a British Colony which HRH Queen Victoria ruled many centuries ago.